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gurdagfabrika Gürdag Çakıl İşletmeleri Ltd. was established in 1977 by the deceased Mr. Hasan ERSÖZLÜ and grew in the direction of the principles of honesty and industriousness. In our country where consumption increases and production continuously declines, our company which adapted the idea to itself that existence will only be possible by production, has made the firsts come true by always signing under the most modern investments by thinking big within this frame. In 2000, a brick factory in the ruins in Haspolat Industry Zone, was taken over and won to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C.) on being revived as a facility despite all the negativity. Today, Gurdag Trading & Industry Ltd. is the factory manufacturing the top quality brick of our country. The customers in South Cyprus have also been informed of this seized quality and demanded products from us. In order to be able to respond to this demand, we primarily received the CE Certificate of Quality. On this certificate’s being the passport of the product and hindering the negative attitude in this direction, we are hoping that our sales to the South Cyprus market will start very soon. In order to reinforce this quality and be able to compete with the Southern companies, we have begun our work and investments of founding a fully automatic and computerized factory.